My response to the Daily Mail’s overtly sexist and disparaging article about Theresa May

Few things make my blood boil and this is one of them…(click the link or scroll down for the headline)

(1) what gives the Daily Mail the right to tell any woman what to wear? Don’t we live in a liberal democracy? Isn’t this the same newspaper that frequently criticises the Islamic faith for forcing women to dress in a specific way, yet is reprimanding the Prime Minister on the length of her skirt? To quote the article: “But as he [Donald Tusk] urged her to start the [Brexit] process as soon as possible, the Prime Minister appeared to have another more pressing issue to address too – how to preserve her modesty”. Are you joking?

(2) there is a broader, more worrying societal issue at play here. Newspapers don’t exist in a vacuum – they publish what people want to read and, having combed through the comments on the article, it is evident that this genre of inane, disparaging content delights the readership of the Daily Mail. Our country is facing its most pressing crisis since WW2 and this is the kind of shit to which people are subscribing.

(3) this undoubtedly represents a step backwards for women everywhere. This sexist piece seeks to do nothing but undermine our PM, failing to give any airtime to her policies, her Brexit strategy, or her government. Depressingly, this prejudice is pervasive not just in politics but in business too; not just in the UK but around the world. Yes, we can (and should) celebrate the fact that we are progressive enough to have powerful female influencers (May, Lagarde, Merkel, Clinton, Yellen, Gates, Sandberg, Whitman), but it is painfully obvious to me that, in many cases, their policies and work seem to matter far less than their gender.

Ok, I’m done ranting and going to enjoy my weekend now. Mimosa, anyone?


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